virginia stobart | installation artist

TIME ODYSSEY - The 14 minute train journey from my local station, transports me to the edge of elsewhere, dissipating my internal struggles and unlocking my mind for new experiences and opportunities. Our experiences of time are unique, just like the experience of each journey.
SHROUD OF SILENCE - My own life experiences have shown when access, support and meaningful human connection are denied, the marginalised may undergo feelings of disconnection, social invisibility, despair and hopelessness. These tragedies have a long history in philosophical discourse yet the struggles for equality and recognition still remain. Let the drums begin.
AEOLUS - the Keeper of the Winds, offers to assist Odysseus and his men on their journey home by confining all adverse winds into a bag. Just before reaching the shores of home, however, his men expecting to find treasure decide to open the bag. This simple act releases the uncontrollable winds and creates a string of challenges. The wind becomes a metaphor for the way human beings, embarking on their own epic journey will encounter struggles with the chaotic 'winds' of exile. The work references the Greek Myth of Homer's Odyssey 10 (Greek Epic C8th B.C.)
R.E.S.T (Random Episodes of Silent Thought) - While caring for my mother in an aged care facility I became aware of the fluctuation between consciousness and unconsciousness.
LIBERTY (Gf Eleftheria) Is an investigation into identity and how it shifts and expands through migration. Abstraction reveals the essence of a life, color revels in the richness of a culture, water purifies and reflective surfaces mirror one’s own identity.
MNEMOSCOPIC Elements of earth, air, water and fire are are diffused, layered, abstracted and multiplied - to lure the viewer into different emotional states through their own memories.
PUBLIC ART - The lighter side of dark. Performance opens the space for interaction between the children from the Richmond Housing Estate with children from another neighbourhood. The silhouettes allow the performers anonymity to free them from any inhibitions or expectations.
VESSELS OF THE HEART - This project references my Mother's personal experience of migration from her Greek village. The process of preserving stories in vessels has revealed, not only the shape of my own identity, but also exposed the similarities and differences of two generations of mother and daughter.
MNEMOSYNE - was the ancient Greek goddess of memory. Storytelling and creativity are necessary to cultivate memory, particularly when that maintains cultural values.
ATHENE - The Greek Goddess Athene who was known for her wisdom, courage, inspiration and justice. It is a meditative and emotive space for the viewer to discover their own meanings.
AERA - Aera intertwines the personal and the social landscape of family and its constant fragmentations and regenerations with the deeply embedded metaphors of Greek mythology. Myths reveal secret truths shared by all. They give expression to human spirit. Grief, joy, love, failure, overcoming. Aera, or wind, shares the primordial process with pneuma. Which in Greek means lungs, breath, spirit and ‘song’. Aera is pitch and rhythm. Aera is inflow and outflow. Aera is enchantment and it is instability. Aera is breath.
SIRINES In Greek mythology the Sirens were special nymphs who had the gift of singing in a very seductive way. Sailors who were passing the island became enchanted by the Sirens’ voices and were condemned to stay on the island forever. The Greek hero Odysseus fought the temptation by asking his companions to bind him to the boat’s mast, after putting wax in their ears, so they would not succumb to his demands and the Sirens’temptations. Patterns of human and spiritual realities lie in the world’s great myths. My son, tempted by the sirens, has been disconnected from nature, self, society and spirit. Hopefully he will once again connect with the integrity of existence.
‘Milo Mou Kokino’ - At the age of 21, my son experienced his first psychotic episode. Ten years later he continues to slip through the cracks. The song ‘Milo Mou Kokino’ translates as:- My little red apple, You have the richness of a pomegranate but the seeds have embittered your soul. The song relates to a Greek Myth about a mother Demeter and her child Persephone. Persephone was tricked into eating Pomegranate seeds, which bound her to the underworld.
INSTALLATIONS - an example of some of my prevoius installation practices.